Jesus’ miracles, religious myth and biblical contradictions | Digital Bits Skeptic

Jesus’ miracles, religious myth and biblical contradictions | Digital Bits Skeptic
via Jesus’ miracles, religious myth and biblical contradictions | Digital Bits Skeptic.


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  1. None can verify the trustworthiness of the Gospel writers nor the supposed eyewitnesses! We know from studies that eyewitness testimony is ever suspect, and here where people’s expectations so abound, investigators should really investigate thoroguhly!
    Yehua’s miracles read like magic and pscuspmatic cures anyway.
    His hagiography reads like that of any purported heroes. His ethic is either silly or -dangerous.
    Yet people radiate to his message.
    Note how Terry in the comments to that article advocates self-brainwashing! Like Blaise Pascal, he feels that others should abandon reason for faith!
    Faith doth that to people!
    What would you say to Terry?
    We don’t need myth disguised as the Truth! We don’t need divine salvation!


  2. People need to be skeptical about whatever might be a scam or just false. Watch out for the flam-flam artist, the get-rich scheme, quacks with unconfirmed remedies and other matters.
    We all need to proceed from what we really know rather than from the argument from incredulity. Science does indeed support evolution and climate change but deniers use out-dated quotes or out of context ones, flimsy evidence, distorting evidence or otherwise ignore reality.
    Where is any evidence for miracles? We skeptics find none from the conservation of knowledge, that tentative knowledge but the best that we have. We find just natural causes at work,including much fraud.
    Behold those faith-healers who so depend on the credulous1 The Amazing Randi’d group followed up cures when possible,finding none. People misunderstood what doctors said, had a false diagnosis,had remissions and sometimes had frave effect from the “cures.”
    I favour illegalization of faith-healing and exorcisms as being against public health and the discard of known medical and psychological ways. Of course, this does not eviscerate the freedom of religion,just quacks practicing medicine without a license.
    Preachers can still preach about healings but not tell people to disregard the medical and psychological establishments. They can urge others to pray for people and to use the proper medical and pshychological methods.
    Would the religious denounce even more those quacks!

    None exist for creationism and the denial of climate change. People,like Duane Gish, lie in order to help morality! They so fear that should students find out about evolution, they’ll just act like other animals, ignoring that animals differ from each other, and we have that big brain to use with our moral sense that we can behave decently, and thus need no liars for Yeshua to guide us!
    Climate change deniers have no evidence for their denials but rather rely on people who ignore reality,at times due to a distorted view about regulated capitalism, that known moral ideal and -reality. Certain companies want to make money from others’ ignorance of the reality of that change.


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