Looking closely at the Bible | Machines Like Us

Looking closely at the Bible | Machines Like Us

via Looking closely at the Bible | Machines Like Us.


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  1. Yes, that is such a flawed anthlogy, yet most people don’t know that. Some do but are ever trying to distort the facts. Some reinterpret the anthology as a lot of meaningful metaphors, but no rational one exists for the murderous Deluge!
    Paine could have made hay with such as Bishop John Shelby Spong, who is ever trying to cull good from the bad book!
    Ehrman is revealing how the anthology lacks authenticiy.
    Franky, why should any rational person give any credence to that vile book? People can find good elsewhere than it and other such fairy stories. Aesop’s Fables don’t forecast evils on people should they not honor some god.
    Why think that people can find salvation in reading it? Is it that hateful, hellish vision of the fundamentalists? Is it salvation from being selfish as John Hick prattles?
    ” Reason saves, not that ever dead Galilean cult leader? ” Fr. Griggs
    I also refer to it as the anthololgy the Tankh and the anthology the Christian Testament and the respective religions Moses’s Folly [no Moses!] and Christinsanity!
    Readers, what have you found to further these observations?


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