The Gospel writers misuded prophecies about other matters in applying them to Yeshua and two just made up their contradictory Nativities, so that I wonder just how much their narratives have any value. Anyway, taking him as described, what rational person would ever want to be around that jerk! Psychologists can talk about his narcissism and megalomania!

Ty Ragan, Psy.D

Wow what a simple question…yea I know there are many that believe that he is a figment of someone’s imagination, a myth (in the negative connotation of never existed) or a conspiracy theory.  In Canadian Mainline churches we have seen Tom Harpur‘s The Pagan Christ that states it is a myth adopted and transformed within the Judaism to reflect a messiah (I could get the deets a bit wrong, been a while since I have read it).

But is this truly the core of the mythicist? See the mythicist is factually inaccurate. I am continuing my journey through Bart D. Ehrman‘s Did Jesus Exist? and am enjoying his systematic way of affirming, yet disproving (if I had the money would soo take his NT course).

But the two pieces for reflection today are:

1) The suffering Messiah: no jewish person up to this point would have seen…

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